Metal Storm Panels

  • Metal Storm Panels

    Metal Storm Panels


    Metal Storm Panels offer value and protection. These systems include removable panels made of aluminum, steel and clear polycarbonate.

    Metal Storm Panels




    Panels are cut to size and attached with anchors or tracks for easier assembly and installation. Our storm panels are tested and approved for most areas.





    • Less expensive after plywood
    • Permanent, no need to replace panels each year
    • Easy to store, stack 7 to an inch
    • EMS panels have a hemmed edge option



    Fabric based hurricane screens are quickly replacing metal
    hurricane shutters as the preferred hurricane protection
    product and there are very good reasons for this.

    Benefits of screens include:

    • Light weight
    • Removable
    • See through
    • Minimal visual impact on the home
    • Cost savings

    No maintenance